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Scott Ford
Scott, the owner of Tropical Aquatics Pool Education has taught the CPO® course since the year 2000, and has taught over 1,800 public CPO course and has trained over 13,000 students. Scott teaches private CPO® classes for many pool equipment suppliers, Cities, Counties, and the Country of Bermuda. as well as condominium management organizations. Scott is the recipient of the the National Swimming Pool Foundation's "Outstanding Achievement Award" for 17 consecutive years.
Ron Ford

Ron is the author of the National Swimming Pool Foundation "Pool-Spa Operator® Handbook", and developed the CPO® course presentation program. These are the instructional materials used in every CPO® course, nationally. Ron has now retired from teaching CPO courses.

Expert Witness: Ron also provides expert witness testimony in aquatic injury and death cases. Ron Ford has provided litigation support on the following types of cases:
  • Infant drowning in motel
  • Spa death due to excessive temperature
  • Filter explosions resulting facial & brain damage
  • Death due to chemical reactions
  • Injuries due to chemical reactions
  • Drownings related to entrapment
  • Drownings related to poor water quality
  • Deaths related to poor water quality
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